Q: How do I make a reservation?

A: Visit our Book Now page and fill out our simple form. If you prefer to make a reservation by email (team@bouncetime.co) or phone (509) 822-3842 we are available to guide you through the process. If you are planning to rent multiple units, please give us a call for a custom quote.  A deposit of $25 is now required on all orders.  This deposit is only refundable for weather cancellations.  faq

Q: What type of payment is accepted?

A: We now accept major credit cards and cash for your party rentals (please have exact change since our drivers do not carry change). We can make special arrangements if you will like to pay by check, please contact us at  team@bouncetime.co to find out more information.  A booking fee of 5% will be collected at the time of checkout (this supports the company that built this online system and use of electronic waivers). faq

Q: What is your delivery area?

A:  Free  delivery zone includes: cities of Spokane Valley (north of 44th Ave, south of Bigelow Gulch), Greenacres, Liberty Lake, Spokane (north of 65th street, east of US 195, south of  Magnesium/Strong Rd).

A  delivery fee of $35 will be added to your order if you are outside the  free delivery zone including Airway Heights, Cheney, 9-Mile, Colbert and Mead. 

We  currently do not serve North of Colbert, South of Valleyford, West of  Cheney, or East of Stateline. When in doubt, please give us a  call.  faq

Q: How do I make changes or cancel a reservation?

A: Please reach out to us by phone (509) 822-3842 or email (team@bouncetime.co) as soon as possible so we can rent the units to other customers. We will do our best to accommodate all change requests, just note though that units are rented on a first-come-first serve basis which means the unit you want to add may not be available if adequate time is not provided.  As a reminder, the $25 deposit is only refundable for weather cancellations.  faq

Q: How far in advance should I reserve my rentals?

A: As soon as possible. The sooner you make a reservation, the better chance you have of ensuring that your event’s date and inflatable unit is available. It is not unusual for our customers to book weeks or even months in advance. faq

Q: What does “All Day Rental” mean?

A: Unlike our competitors, “All Day Rental” for us truly means all day for your party rentals.  We typically drop off units between 9am-12 pm and pickup between 5-8pm (depending on when your party is scheduled and other units we need to pickup that day). If you will like us to drop off earlier – or pickup  units later – please let us know so we can be sure you have the unit at  your location when it is most convenient for you. faq

Q: What happens if the weather doesn’t cooperate (rain, strong wind, lightning)?

A: Mother Nature is unpredictable in the Spokane/Spokane Valley area. In the event of a weather cancellation prior to setup, your deposit and/or advance payment will be refunded in full.  However, once we setup the inflatable unit, all rental charges will apply. If rain or heavy winds arrive during your event, you should exit the inflatable, the blower unit should be turned off at the unit, and then unplugged until the weather passes. Before resuming use of the inflatable, make sure the unit is thoroughly dry and properly anchored (including the blower and any attached extension cords). faq

Q: How long does inflatable setup take?

A:  It will take approximately 30 minutes to set up an inflatable, inspect it for safety, check operation, clean the unit, and review the contract/safety guidelines with you. faq

Q: What do I need to be able to set-up an Inflatable Unit?

A: All sprinklers must be shut off one day prior to set-up of the inflatable unit. A standard 110v electrical outlet must be located within 65 feet of the set-up position; we can supply a heavy duty extension cord if needed. We ask that nothing else be plugged into the same outlet that is being used for the inflatable. Adequate space must be available for the party rentals, which generally is 3-feet of unobstructed area around the Unit and a bit more at the entrance (to see  the size of the unit, please visit our rental unit pages using the navigation on the top of the page). Access to the set-up area must be unobstructed for a 4-foot wide hand-truck (dolly). There must be a flat area to setup the inflatable. We can set-up on a slight incline, but will not set-up if the incline is so steep that the children using the inflatable unit will fall to the downward sloping side. faq

Q: Can your inflatables be set up indoors?

A: Yes, our units can be set up inside or outside! You will need to have enough ceiling height (about 18-20 feet) to accommodate most units. The inflatable must not be set up to near hot lights, a/c vents, or any fire hazard. Many commercial halls, malls, gyms, etc. will do just fine. faq

Q: On what type of surface can the units be placed?

A:  The safest surface is a level grassy area. However, we can set up on concrete, asphalt, or bark. We can even set up the Inflatable Unit in a driveway or cul-de-sac. Please specify when ordering which surface we will be setting up on and we will make sure that we bring the proper anchors for your event. faq

Q: Is supervision provided in the cost of the rental?

A:  Each bounce house, slide, or other inflatable requires one supervisor.  We gladly offer supervision for your party rentals, if desired, for an additional fee (please contact us directly to make special arrangements). Should you choose to provide your own adult supervision,  we will require you to read, understand, and sign a customer agreement stipulating the safety rules and guidelines to be followed. faq

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